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Thursday, March 31, 2011

momsie: STYLE

In my dreams this is how a finished room would look for one of my sons.  I will bring you pictures of their real rooms one day soon but for now take a look at this seriously creative and fun circus-themed room...

This room looks like it has a lot of DIY elements, including using pallets for the bed.  I just did my own pallet project (more on that soon) and now I am seeing so many uses for them.  Best part: THEY ARE FREE!  I also love the sewn-together rugs and ferris wheel storage for toys.  I love it all!  For a complete article about this room click, here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY Silhouettes

I was just beating myself up the other day because I did not take my children to a silhouette artist who was in town.  Something about capturing their little profile right now is so sweet to me so I was really kicking myself in the arse.  Then I visited one of my favorite blogs and found a great tutorial for a DIY version.  Sounds scary right?  Well its not at all!  I can't wait to do this little project in the next couple of weeks.  I will share my pictures when I do.  Here is a link for the tutorial over at Samster Mommy.

ps...Would make great Mother's Day gifts for grandmothers!

Winner of the B.O.B Awards tickets...

Congratulations, Beverly Starkey, winner of 2 tickets to the B.O.B Awards.  This event will be held May 19th from 6:30-9:30pm at Butter.  Enjoy a great party and lots of great food!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission: Feed my family for $40/week

Recently I read an article about a lady who spent only $40/week at the grocery store.  She started this habit out of necessity while living on food stamps but continued it because it helped not only her budget, but her health too.  I have long wondered how I spend such ridiculous amounts of money at the grocery store.  Every time I look at our budget it makes me sick to think how much we are spending on food!  I know its necessary to eat, but surely we could save more.  I have tried many times to cut down our grocery bill but usually by the middle of the month I am tired of shopping so consciously and I begin to slip.  I run in for one ingredient and end up grabbing six extra things.  Or I just buy things impulsively because they look good.  I am also really bad about planning dinner based upon what we would like to eat instead of using what we have.

I am going to publicly put my goal out there so I will feel more pressured to stick to it.  I would love for some people to jump on the band wagon with me!  Here are the guidelines I am giving myself:

  • $40/week on groceries
  • Bring $40 cash 
  • 1 trip/week
  • Meal plan for the whole week

I am not a religious coupon user but I will definitely try to save where I can.  I also plan to continue buying my chicken from Thompson Poultry, which costs me about $30/month.  I am going to keep that cost separate from my $40/week budget since it really only ends up being about $7/week anyways.  The one rule that I think will force me to shop within my budget is bringing cash.  I would much rather choose wisely than have to put things back!!  Since this is the last week of March I did a practice run today and will officially start April 3rd (Sunday is always my day to meal plan and make a grocery list).  Today's trip was successful as far as cost ($40.38) but we will have to wait and see how the food lasts!  I will let you all know how we are doing each week!  Please let me know if you want to join in so we can share deals and budget-friendly recipes!

For more information on the article I originally read click here.

And stay tuned for more tips on how to shop and eat better!

Are you a true Charlottean: The Southpark Mall Quiz

You may think that you have to have been born in Charlotte to be considered a Charlottean, but I beg to differ.  I think there are several ways in which you can earn the title.  For instance, if you can name all of the streets at the intersection in front of Myers Park Methodist church.  Or if you can name every street with the word Sharon in it.  One test I think any true "Charlottean" must pass is the one that tests your knowledge of Southpark mall.  I have lived in Charlotte for 20+ years and in that time I have seen so many transformations of that mall it is crazy.  The Southpark I used to cruise with my junior high friends is far different than the one today.  Lets test you all and see how well you know Charlotte's beloved mall.

Give yourself one point for each question that you can answer "yes" to:

1.  I remember when there was an Eckerd in the mall.

2.  I remember when there was a Woolworth's in the mall.

3.  I remember that when there was a Woolworth's it was located across from the "up" escalator that comes up from the parking garage and it covered that wall.  There was no hallway leading to the Neiman Marcus/Nordstrom wing.

4.  I remember when there were two music stores, both near what is now Cheesecake factory.  **Extra points if you remember the names of those stores!

5.  I remember when there was a Charlie's restaurant located inside the mall, near what is now Express.

6.  I remember when there were no kiosks.

7.  I remember when the food court was located in the center of the mall (by the escalators from the parking garage).

8.  I remember that the food court had a raised area with seating.

9.  I remember all of the following restaurants in the food court: Hovan, Taco Bell, Sbarro, Chick-fil-a, Great Steak, and Mrs. Field's cookies.

10.  I can say which two restaurants offered seating inside their restaurant.

11.  Further down the line, I remember there being an Atlanta Bread Company where Puma now resides.

12.  I remember Britches.

13.  I remember when Macys was Hechts, and before that Tallheimers.  

14.  I remember when Dillard's was Ivy's.

15.  I remember when there was a movie theater in the parking lot near the area which is now Symphony Park.

16.  I remember when basically the only parking was in the underground garage.

17.  I remember The Nature Store.

18.  I remember the Units store.

If you can think of any other features of the old Southpark let me know!  If you took the quiz, leave a comment and let me know your score.  Highest score wins a prize!  If there is a tie I will draw a number from a hat!

Sample Sale (Moms come alone!)

I am selfish sometimes, I will admit it.  Last week I got wind of something really great happening in Charlotte and I kept it to myself.  Aside from a a few close friends I didn't breath a word of it to anyone and all for one reason...I wanted first dibs.  Being the third child I am not always great at sharing because I have always had to take hand-me-downs and fight for anything just for my own.  But enough with my excuses already...I went and had my fun and now I will share it with the rest of you.

I knew a girl growing up that has gone on to become a well-known handbag designer.  She is the real deal, living in LA and has now branched into jewelry.  Heather Hawkins makes awesome leather clutches and such and when she tells me about a sample sale AND says it beats all the ones she has gone to in LA I don't take my time getting to it.  She told me about this sample sale going on here this week and I checked it out tonight.  True to what she said, it is held in a lady's house and the downstairs in full of racks of designer clothes.  There is Ella Moss, Splendid, William Rast, Seven for all Mankind, Beth Bowley, Tart, *Heather Hawkins*, and a lot more!!  There are jeans, dresses, tanks, jewelry, and coats.  The sizes and prices vary.  

You literally shop in this lady's home, even using her bedrooms for make shift dressing rooms.  Make sure to wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of and it is CASH or CHECK only!  The sale will go on all week.  I was fairly impressed...I found a lot of things to try on but didn't end up buying much.  I will say that when I heard sample sale I was thinking prices under $50 but there were definitely things higher than that.  Overall I think it is worth a visit, especially since there is so much and a range of styles.  Here is the address and hours:




I apologize for the awful layout of this post.  No matter what I tried it just wouldn't align right or even look remotely nice.  I am working on a solution so that these "Things to Do" posts will be much easier to access/read.  Hopefully you will see results by next week.

Discovery Place

"Cool Stuff"
Tons of exhibits plus the Kidscience room with plenty of entertainment for the younger ones.

Save the Date!
April 16, 2011
Join us for the 13th annual Rodneys Great Kids Triathlon.  Annual event has children participating in swimming, biking, and running.  Event is for children 17 and under.  Please watch our video for more information or call 704-336-7855.
All kids 8 and under will do one lap on both the bike course and the run course.
Registration begins March 1, 2011.  Fee to enter - $20 before April 9.  $25  - April 10 - April 16.
Registration can be done in person at the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center in uptown Charlotte or by mail to 800 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28202.  Due to the specialized nature of this even, online registration is not available.
Packet pick-up for pre-registered participants is Friday, April 15th 12:00-9:00p.m.
Please park at Bob Walton Plaza (behind the Aquatic Center) on the day of the event.

Wing Haven
Real Birders Don't Wear White!
Ages 6 - 9
Thursday, March 31, 3:45 - 4:45 pm
Cost: $10 (Advance registration required.)
Spring is a wonderful time for bird watching!  Come learn the basics of bird ID from the folks at Wing Haven.  We’ll learn how to use color, size, behavior and song to identify birds and then take a walk to test our skills.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore (Morrison Place)

Toddler Tuesdays 
10:00 Every Tuesday bring your toddlers for a special storytime.
Saturday Morning Storytime
11:00  Every Saturday morning there is storytime! 
Apr 2nd, 10:00-12:00
Easter Egg Hunt, make-and-take project
FREE with purchase of eggs
Ages 3 and up

Don't forget that Nordstrom Rack opens this Thursday!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Years Resolutions? What New Years Resolutions?

Back in January I bravely made public my New Years Resolutions.  Luckily I didn't post all of them so that you all would not know how slack I can be.  Eating vegetarian once a week??  Does eating fast food once a week suffice??  Keeping my dining room table cleared off so we can actually eat there??  Well that one is accomplished but it took until March to do it.  And as far as actually eating there...well we still prefer the coffee table.  Baby steps people.

I know that I encouraged all of you to put volunteering on your list and I introduced you to Florence Crittenton Services.  I found this place and fell in love with their mission and I just know that there are other moms who could find their place to volunteer here also.  I know that one of the problems with getting started is just knowing what you have to offer.  FCS just sent an email that lists their needs and specific requests at this time.  Look it over and see if you can help.  It may be your time or maybe just a donation, either way you will be helping.  

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Please review their latest volunteer opportunities below and contact Michelle Calvert, Volunteer Coordinator, to sign up.  She can be reached at (704)372-4663 or via email
  • Arts and Crafts Activities: Volunteers are needed to share your talents and interests with our clients! Teach knitting, crochet, sewing, any type of art, poetry, journaling, etc.
  • Tutors in Geometry, Biology & Spanish: We currently need two Spanish tutors and one geometry and one biology tutor for some of our high school students. Hours are after school, evenings or weekends. 
  • Sort Donations: Volunteers needed to help sort through in-kind donations, organize and store them in appropriate areas. Commit to once a week or once a month, times can be flexible. A brief training can be provided.
  • Special Event Assistants: Crittenton's 2nd Annual Alumni Reunion is April 30th and we need your help! **Please see below for more details on how you can be involved in the fun.
  • Provide a birthday cake: We have several clients celebrating thier birthdays with us this month. You can help make their day extra special by providing a personalized cake!
  • Outreach Assistants: Help spread the word about Crittenton and our services! Research NC agencies for potential referral sources and keep this information current, send thank you notes to follow up on staff outreach efforts, schedule speaking engagements for staff. Speakers also needed for agency fairs and various outreach opportunities.
  • Etiquette Instructor: Coordinate a brief workshop for our clients currently conducting job searches on expressing appreciation, focusing on appropriate phone etiquette and writing thank you notes.
**Save the Date!
Join us on Saturday, April 30th for our 2nd Annual Crittenton Alumni Reunion! Tours of FCS offered from 10 to 11 a.m., followed by a picnic lunch and celebration at nearby Latta Park 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information or to RSVP, contact Tracie McLeod.

Please see below for related 
volunteer opportunities.

- Help serve lunch
- Help at the registration table
- Serve on the set up committee
- Serve on the clean-up team
- Serve as a "floater"

Donation Needs: 
* Water bottles for our clients who are
  trying to quit smoking 

* Purses and books for our agency
  "Yard Sale" fundraiser this summer 

* Crochet needles & yarn
* Acoustic Guitar - gently used is fine
* Twin size comforters and blankets  
  for spring/summer
* Alarm clocks
Headphones for students using the
  GED lab 
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